Sunday, April 3, 2011

A New Week to journal About

Well! It has been interesting! Cooking without an oven has been a new experience. I am a homemade cook, from scratch, and do lots of baking. LOTS of baking. SO this being without an oven has not worked well for me. BUT, my home warranty assigned Sears to come out and assess the situation for $60. Turns out, the whole cooktop has to be replaced so the oven controls don't short out again, But the range is not made anymore so they will be replacing the entire thing. I chose to upgrade to a 5 burner convection range by GE, and it should be delivered this week. total cost for me will be about $290 out of pocket (and that includes the $60 service call). Happy momma! So on to the homeschooling week....we had a full 3 days scheduled so we could do first of the month shopping on Thursday and co-op, theater and social activity on friday. All went well except PE. All the stuff I planned was outside and the weather turned cold. But a lot was learned, the kids got along, there was much bonding, and love. No complaints here. Homeschooling definitely rocks! I think I would have to be medicated for severe depression if I ever had to send my kids to PS or even private. I got the new Sonlight catalog this week so that was fun to peruse. Got to think about all the neat stuff we will be teaching/learning over the next few years, yet felt profound sadness at the thought of Jacob being in his last 5 years of school. Still doing a read aloud study of I Kissed Dating Goodbye with the two oldest. really great concepts of godly behavior in relationships. Plants fabulous seeds in them, and in me. I also began prereading more of the kids bible growth literature. Love what I am reading! The current book takes a look at the challenges of some real bible teens, like Mary, Daniel, and Timothy and gives lessons to learn in staying strong. Placed an order to Apologetics Press for some study courses that i plan to use with devo time. Can't wait for that to arrive! Shopping day went very well, and so did Friday except we had to cancel a get together with hollyM due to an illness (her, not us). Saturday we had a reunion with my FIL's family and it was really nice. Then we headed to mamaw's to fish and bake frozen pizza. Got home at 8:30, and K began to be sick. Vomited twice and then I got nauseous, so we went to bed at 10. Em was not feeling well by morning, so we left church early. Too bad, too. I wanted to hear Mr. Parrish. So this afternoon I need to get lesson plans and assignment sheets filled out, and do a bit of shopping for LTC art, and get a little rest. Vacation is coming soon and I am excited!!!!!!

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Steve said...

You might find my blog of interest where I critique Josh Harris's book.
I Kissed Dating Goodbye: Wisdom or Foolishness?

Unfortunately Josh Harris is quick to point out the problems with dating but reluctant to share any of the problems with his approach.

Hope this helps.