Monday, April 18, 2011

Much Better Week

Well the past week was so much better than the previous one! For our family, lots of schoolwork was done, lots of Bible was learned, no one had a major illness or injury, we finished our co-op classes on a great note, dance classes went well, and the kids did fabulously on LTC dress rehearsal. I am especially proud of Elizabeth! Last year she could barely read and this year she is spouting off puppet lines like a pro and reciting the lines for her drama without a hitch! (smiling!) The upcoming competition will be hectic, crowded, crazy and rushed, but very fun. Lots to do for preparation. So all in all the week was good. Got lots of thinking done about schedules for summer and the next school year and almost everything is ordered. Got some retro chairs for the backyard that the kids cannot break (cause they are steel! ha!), and the garden is growing nicely--been eating the spinach and lettuce all week--YUM! Oh, and the new oven arrived. It is awesome. the plug still needs to be moved and the filler strip is not here, but it works, and for that I am SO THANKFUL!
But there have been some kinks in the lives of friends this week. A family lost their 2 year old daughter. A friend with young children was diagnosed with breast cancer. A friend had a tornado go through their yard and lightning strike it. These people are going to be covered in prayer though, and i have confidence that the Lord will bring them through to the other side. The Lord never promises us a life free from pain and suffering. That is just not possible in a sinful, fallen world, and not a promise ever found in scripture. But He does tell us that all things work together for good for those who love God, and that if we are faithful to obey Him we will have a home in Heaven. He also will give us strength to get through the things life brings, though He doesn't promise it will be easy, He does promise never to leave us. And that gives us hope for eternity.
Blessings to all during this week!

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