Saturday, April 9, 2011

What A Week!!! Seriously!

Well, this week was totally unexpected. The events of this week, I mean. I had a great plan for school and we were all ready to embark on it until Saturday night when Kim started vomiting. OK, she is the littlest and kindergarten is not mandatory for 4 year olds so that was easy to take care of. Then Monday came and school went very well. But about 5pm I told Jordan to get ready for scouts and he said he couldn't, that he felt bad, so he laid down to rest and fell asleep. Very unusual. Ok, he's tired. WRONG!! He woke at 7pm, and started vomiting at 7:30, so the cleaning began. Then at 9pm Liz said she felt bad and her vomiting began around 9:30. More cleaning, and loving on sick kids. I was up until 11:30 with laundry from this and had 4 loads done, while staying up with the sick kiddos. About 2AM Jacob comes to the living room floor and collapses, sick. He begins vomiting around 4am. By 6am I am in the bathroom doing you know what, too. Then Jacob is at it again, so I get Clay to clean it up, and find out he is sick too! It is now Tuesday morning and I call the inlaws for help. Only 2 are left standing--Em and Kim. The rest of us are completely bedridden for the day. Mamaw and Papaw come with gloves, a mask, lysol, ginger ale, crackers, gatorade and applesauce. Very brave. She washes and folds laundry, gets drinks and helps Emily take care of Kim and us. THey leave around 2pm. Clay finally gets up about 7pm and helps Emily clean house. The rest of us do not really move until wednesday morning. That was a hard day, very tiring. Jordan and I are last to recover. Obviously we did no school for two days. By Thursday we are not eating much, have few groceries, but do some schoolwork. Then we head to ballet. Kim's class goes well and we decide to turn in some library books before Emily's class, and get a snack. When Emily gets out of the van to turn in books, she trips. After she gets back in she cries about foot pain. I chalk it up to drama. We get some breadsticks and drinks. She is still in pain. I go back to the studio and get a look at the foot. It is swollen and purple. Not a good sign. I explain to the studio what happened and tell them we are going to the doctor. No appointment - I just walked in and said, "You need to look at this foot." X-ray confirms a broken bone. Great! No ballet or recital. Tough time for vacation and LTC competition, but it will heal nicely. She needs crutches and a boot, but her attitude is great. All stores are closed so we head home with ibuprofen. Friday is co-op, and afterward we begin the search for crutches and a boot. That takes until 2pm. They are all hungry. We grab some sandwiches and unload the van. In an hour we had theater class. We are all exhausted. So we watch a movie (Narnia) and go to bed. Saturday is hip hop class and we get a few groceries. Then we buy sandals for everyone. Then we head to Mamaws for Easter. Yes I know Easter is 2 weeks away but it was the family's only free weekend. My stomach is not feeling well again, but I will spend Sunday at church and planning for the schoolweek, while we work on LTC. Maybe next week will be better (and the new oven will arrive?) Maybe! I am hopeful that we will have a great week. I have to count many blessings this week. Satan didn't get us down. We are flexible, we have family that loves us, we are motivated to help one another. We have supportive friends, our illness was short, we have insurance, we have some savings, we have prayer and bibles and freedom and a savior who loves us and died for us. God is good to us, even though we are far far from perfect. Crazy weeks let you know your strengths and weaknesses. I count it all joy that we are all here together to walk through this life and that in the end we will be with our Lord.

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Anonymous said...

Bless Your Hearts! I knew it was a stressful week, but I had no idea it was very, very difficult. Emily looked so adept at her crutches today but we could not get to you guys to give her a hug. May our Lord bless your family with healing and strength.
The Smiths