Monday, May 16, 2011

Photo Catch Up

This is our little ballerina getting ready to perform at the community walk-a-thon. She did great and never flinched!
Our girls enjoying the surf on vacation....lovely place!
The pool is a favorite place to be. Can't wait until it is warm and the pool is ready here at home!
Gorgeous sunsets with my favorite 7 year old boy!
Beautiful lake bridge at watercolor.
Pensacola NAS Museum. Fabulous place to go see! Actually this is the Florida visitors center...oops!
Another great sunset with the family building a trench for the surf to come into overnight! Fun times!
Panama City Beach shopping....during biker week! By the way, it costs $2 per person to go out on the pier...we skipped it.
My boys reading together. Love the memories and the closeness.
My youngest ones helping daddy make a sitting area in the yard.
Well, that is all for now---more photos to come as this is recital week!
Sorry this came out weird. For some reason i couldn't make the captions go with the pictures...frustrating, but I will fix it if possible.

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