Saturday, December 13, 2008

sickness again

Well, after more than a week of coughing and hacking by the four youngest kiddos, they are still not well! The very day I took Elizabeth to the doctor, and was told it was all viral, Jordan began running a fever. By the next day Emily was very sick, and by Friday night Kimberly was wheezing and coughing with a low fever! So off we went to the doctor again this morning....and to get Kimberly to open up and say ahhh, Emily volunteered to let the doc look at her first. Unfortunately Emily had a red throat, moreso that Kimberly! Everyone got checked, but Em and Kim got swabbed for strep and guess what??!! Emily was the one who had a positive strep test! So here we are again. Vaporizers, codeine cough medicine, amoxil, polyhist, lots of fluids. Maybe all will be better in the next few days.
On a positive note the kids got to open gifts from each other and one from mom and dad on Friday night. I know it is early but their dad has to work all next weekend and that is when we traditionally let them open from us and the siblings. They all were happy!

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