Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Resolutions

Thoughts race almost out of control for me at this time of year. So many things to think about, pray about, plan for... So I start thinking what I want the new year to hold for us. I have several ideas. I want this family to seek God's direction. I want us to keep living a life that is absorbed in scriptural living (Deuteronomy 6:5-9). To study the bible daily together and separately, to pray and sing and teach and learn of bible truths each day. To be more involved in Monday Night for the Master at our congregation. I hope to dig into some book studies on christian living with the 2 oldest kids and spend more intense time in bible learning with the younger ones. I want to continue our journey of christian homeschooling forever and help direct the kids to purity, courtship and godly adulthood, and away from a humanistic worldview. I want to help them develop their character and behavior to a more righteous level. I want us to exercise more and eat healthier and spend more time as a family playing games, camping, reading, walking, anything that makes family central over peer groups. I hope to delve into the world of handcrafts and gardening much more frequently with the kids, and spend more time with the tv and computers off. (I love having cable but mainly for the educational shows we watch. Prime time tv is so trashy just in the commercials, not to mention the shows. Give me a good episode of How It's Made anyday!) I want us to be diligent to keep informed about political issues that are of great concern to us (especially given that our new president stands against almost everything we stand for: pro-life, homeschooling freedom, religious freedom, biblical truth, parental rights, less governmental control, strict gun control) and to be ready to take action on these issues when necessary. I want to have a schedule that is challenging academically, yet relaxed enough to be enjoyable and lend itself to much flexibility. I want to consider the impact on family life before I say yes to outside activities, and be ready/willing to say no if the activity is going to take us farther apart as a family. I want to move closer to God and all that is for His glory. I want to grow and learn and live life with joy.
I hope your new year holds joy and blessing!

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Gina said...

What a great new years statement. Love those camping picutres as well. You are brave to camp in cold.