Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmastime's a comin'

Are you ready? I think we are-almost. Decorations are up, and most gifts are purchased, wrapped and in the attic, far away from 2 year old fingers. Ingredients for baking for the neighbors have been purchased. We need to sign up for the gifts needed for members of our congregation, though. Otherwise, all is done and I am so glad! the kids have been sick this week so we have to miss the CHEFS Christmas party tonight. Hopefully the older girls will get to attend their caroling party for the shut-ins on Sunday. The children are counting the days until the 19th. That is the date we told them they could open their gift from us and from each other (they draw names amongst themselves). Then they just wait for Christmas Eve with grandparents, and Christmas Day to see what Santa brings! Oh, the excitement of childhood!
The most exciting thing by far is that we made reservations for our vacation. We are going to the beach this year and looking forward to it. We have never been on a long trip since we have had nursing infants or a pregnancy going on for the past 10 years. Anyway, one week of homeschool to go and then we can take a modified break for the holidays! Hope everyone is doing well and staying well!!

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