Friday, December 26, 2008


Making cookies for Santa is a must. We all should roll dough, use cookie cutters and play with icing!
Now this is brunch on Christmas Eve at the Scoggins' house. Doesn't that make your mouth water?? Bacon, eggs, sausage, biscuits, cinnamon rolls, fruit, nuts, strudel, punch, juice, sausage bites. Delicioso!!

This picture is out of order and should be at the bottom with the Santa stuff, but this is the girls' shared gift and was a huge hit. They got Hannah Montana and the 4 main characters from High School Musical to play with, too. It took Clay most of the day to assemble it.

Kids with gifts at Clay's parents for Christmas brunch.
In our kitchen on Christmas Eve, having supper.

Adults in my family actually eating their meal.

Having a dinner, but really not eating much!

All the kids at our house opening a bag of little surprises from Dollar Tree!

Most of the Santa stash, except for Jacob's stuff. He is a bit out of the picture.

Jacob loves lightsabers!

Emily loves the Katelyn -Our Generation doll. Almost exactly like the American Girl dolls, but less than half the price.. Can be found at Target!

Kimberly takes her new baby walking with her stroller.

Elizabeth loves her big bike! It is still being ridden in the house...

Jordan is ready for action in his favorite stuff!

Nerf guns. The long one is Jordan's and it breaks into 2 guns. It is as long as he is! By the way, Dad is going to get one for himself today!

Here's the Clone Wars stash--republic gunship with several figures, clone blaster, droid tank, and clone voice changer helmet! There was also a DS game, a few titanium models, and a DVD.

What a busy and fun week! The youngest two kids had a Christmas party at church Sunday night, and got some little presents. But when Santa (aka Jim Bob) came out, every kid under age 4 cried, I think! Anyway, the next day we let the kids open a gift from us, and a week earlier they had opened from siblings. All gifts were a big hit. Dad bought some really nice stuff for them.
Then came Christmas Eve and Christmas Day shown in the above photos. We did a white elephant gift exchange with my family and that was the most fun to me, except for the hilarious gifts my brother in law Craig bought for his brothers about 12 hours before our get together! I never laughed so hard!
Anyway, all went well until Christmas Eve, in the night. Jordan had been so solemn all day, and that night he got a high fever. By midway through Christmas Day Kimberly had a high fever, too. Today they are both going for strep screens! Guess the illness wasn't over.
I cooked a small smoked turkey breast on Christmas, and no one was much interested after all the Christmas Eve food so we ate frozen pizza and mozzarella sticks! How's that for festive!! It was one of the best holidays ever!

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