Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Man! Where did June go???? Oh flew by, definitely exceeding the speed a lot! Camp and VBS and birthdays....mine included (6/22/70). And here we are in July! And it is cool (and by cool I mean only 90F).  Highly suspect.

But it is here, and Sandblade is in full film mode. The crew is about to arrive for day 2 of shooting. Some of the kids are working on some leftover schoolwork. We are getting ready to help out with a 5K tomorrow for the 4th, and then go visiting, hopefully ending the day with fireworks. And I just heard that we will FINALLY be getting the kitchen flooring on the 17th, hopefully followed by the wood laminate. And we should be getting Jordan's ortho appliances put in within a week. And then there is camp, part 2. But I heard there is a shortage of staff, and that greatly concerns me considering this is the younger kids' camp. Not good. You really, really need plenty of supervising staff for the younger kids. Not sure how that situation will play out.

So, here is the future summer forecast: I am going to keep jogging even though I broke my toe 2 weeks ago. I am just gonna suck it up and do it. Jacob will keep working on Sandblade, Spanish, and math, before starting driver's ed, piano, and theater/ballet. Emily will complete her research paper and start jogging with me, and then continue with tap, ballet and maybe voice. Elizabeth will continue math and language while beginning to jog with me and Emily, then  go back to ballet and jazz. Jordan will just keep collecting knives, riding bikes, and working on math skills, while fitting in some camping and shooting. Kimberly will practice reading and swim often, then go back to ballet and maybe contemporary, if her chiro says it's ok. School and co-op start late August, as do all music, dance and voice lessons. It promises to be ultra busy. Gonna swim all we can while summer lasts. And read lots of books.

Some of you know I majored in English and Children's Lit in college so I got a stack of books at the library last night from the junior section, of course. Here is my reading list:
The Mysterious Benedict Society
The London Eye Mystery
The People of Sparks (city of ember sequel)
The Watsons Go To Birmingham
The Grey King
The Annotated Pride and Prejudice
The Hobbit

And that is all I have to say about that. I have to go feed people now. Happy summering!

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