Tuesday, July 9, 2013

What Our Summer Homeschooling Looks Like.....

There's a hundred and four days of summer vacation and school comes along just to end it. So the annual problem of our generation is finding a good way to spend it! Yeah, I know that if you know that cartoon you just sang the intro! I love that cartoon. It ranks up there with Justice League and the original Scooby-Doo.
So ....every now and then I do a post on what our day looks like. Every time I do this it looks different, and I always wonder what other HS days look like. I figure I am not alone in my wondering, so I share.
It is July, unseasonably cool. The kids took on a new kitten this week so we are integrating her into the household and acclimating her to the dogs...slowly. The oldest two were at a youth devo last night, quite far away, so they got in late, we all waited up, and consequently we all woke up late today. By late I mean after 8am. I set an alarm to go walking/jogging, but promptly shushed it when it rang. I got up, let the dogs out, made sure kitty was secure, and emptied the dishwasher while coffee brewed. Kids were watching Netflix and playing games. After coffee, I checked my email and list for the day, then walked the dogs with 2 biking kids. When I arrived home it was after 9am and I asked what they wanted to eat, if anything. I am a breakfast skipper. Food is just gross in the morning to me, and is for a couple of the kids too. But three finally settled on granola and one wanted eggs (double yuck), and I ate a piece of whole wheat toast which I am currently regretting. Two didn't eat.
Now I blog, and they eat. here is how I predict the rest of the day will go....
I will tell them to clean rooms, brush teeth and clean up their food, then come to devo in my room . After devo, one will bring dirty laundry for me to wash, four will work on math, and one will work on a research paper. I will do laundry, help care for pets, help with math, pick up the house, clean my bathroom, and hopefully take calls from the orthodontist and insurance company concerning our water leak and flooring replacements. I will try to remember to feed them lunch around noon, and have them do some cleaning. Then around 12:30 the film crew will arrive and head to their location for today's shoot. I will get dressed properly and take the others, to get some groceries and take them to McDonalds as I promised, for some indoor playtime, and a shake or soda. I avoid their food if I can. Later we will head back home to let K change for ballet class, which we will attend. After ballet I should have all kids back with me, and we will have an easy dinner if I remember to get the crock pot of beans going this morning. Otherwise it will be baked potatoes. Following supper cleanup, and room cleanup, we will head to the pool for a couple of hours, and then come home and go for a walk. By then it should be close to 9:30pm. We will watch some tv, fold the laundry mountain, set up another filming date, maybe play card games or something, talk about the day, and drop off to sleep around 11pm.
And that is a day in the life of summer homeschooling here...this summer, this week.
It is changing almost daily, but this is pretty close to average.

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