Friday, July 12, 2013

To stress, or not to stress.....

That  is the question....

Let's see. I leave for camp in 2 days, and have to get packed (me and 2 kids). Monthly funds are running very low as is savings. Water leak we found in April is still unresolved. Had to buy a new fridge (those are expensive! never bought a new one before) and thought that was the leak source. Even had a plumber tell me so, though I kind of doubted it. Now that new flooring for 90% of the downstairs is ordered, we find the leak reappearing. Seems to be a shifting house that causes intermittent water to come up from under the vinyl in the kitchen. Don't ya just love Texas dirt??? Not a fridge problem. Not a consistent problem. Random and weird. Here's hoping the new plumbers (arriving shortly) can find, and more importantly, get to it and fix it without tearing out walls or foundation or cabinetry. If they can't we have a HUGE problem, folks. I don't even want to entertain ideas about what that will cost. Let is be fixable. Let it be fixable.
Other than that we are adjusting to the new kitty. But I tell you, litter boxes are nauseating. UGH! Nasty. Her cage may have to start staying outside once she is older. That smell is awful, even with daily cleanings. But kitty Lily Potter is very, very sweet. Couldn't ask for a sweeter, more good natured kitten.
And there is a small issue of sophomore curriculum. Chemistry, and Geometry or Algebra 2. We are a couple of months from needing to purchase those, but will need the Chem book and lab supplies for co-op classes in September. The math is up in the air. Poor kid takes after mom, and math doesn't come easily, so wondering if we should just keep going in algebra while it is fresh, instead of geometry, and if we should keep on with Teaching Textbooks or switch to Life of Fred....How much math do you really need for a career in film? I wonder....
And of course, we do have to pack for camp. One kid informs me today that they only have 3 pair of shorts that fit, and all underwear is too small. Good timing, kiddo. You will definitely need underwear for camp! So I suppose we will head to the store for those items soon...well, I saw a new thrift store near our church so the shorts may come from there. Play clothes for kids at full price? I don't think so. If you want full price  (meaning sale rack) clothing, you have to be about finished growing. Don't know if they noticed, but there are five of them and 2 adults to clothe here. But they will have more than enough for camp I am sure...:) The travel size items are the big thing to get--including air freshener and clorox wipes. Oh so necessary. So necessary! I might even spring for a glade plug-in.
Honestly if all this plumbing stuff works out without a HUGE expense I will be beyond thrilled. That is the major stress...the not knowing. But since it is out of my control I guess I can't get too worked up, right? Right. The other stuff is basically inconsequential.
Ok, so off I go to bake bread and work on packing and finish washing laundry, while the oldest two get out with friends to see Pacific Rim, and younger kids help me clean and play with Lily. Later this evening I am taking the kids and we are all playing in the pool (yes, me too!--It's fun!). Ahhh the sweet life of a homemaker.
Have a great summer day.

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