Saturday, July 13, 2013

An Inconvenient Truth

Inconvenient. Yes. That is the real issue, isn't it? We are selfish, self-centered, and want no one telling us what to do. But make no mistake, we are all under authority of some kind, and at times we are all inconvenient to someone. It is the natural order of things.

This post is not up for debate. It is my belief, and I am not approaching it from a biblical perspective, though God's natural law is where the roots lie. The stand for life group got the abortion restrictions passed in Texas this week. It was a great victory for life, in some respects. But the ugly truth is, killing unborn children because they are inconvenient is still very legal. Being wanted and loved is the difference. Parents who want kids will pay everything to keep their children alive and healthy. Those who have sex and become unexpectedly pregnant and find it inconvenient, will pay big bucks to dismember and kill the human within.  Make no mistake, if you choose to have sex, or just engage in sex willingly or even unwillingly, and have a uterus and ovaries, the risk is pregnancy.

But here is the puzzling thing. Pro choice advocates want to say that women have a right to do what they choose with their bodies. Ok, fine. Get tattoos, piercings, carve yourself, get plastic surgery, cut your fingers off, whatever. But do NOT be so naive as to fool yourself into thinking the human growing within is a part of your body. It is a completely individual human being. It is not an extra finger, toe, hernia, or a mole that popped up unexpectedly. It is a person, a separate human being, that just happens to need your body to survive. It is a person with rights, just like you. It is a human, as individual as you are, just like your cousin, or neighbor, or postman, or best friend. Do you want to kill the innocent in cold blood just like those who receive the death penalty for murder, but without consequences?

And now back to the point. Inconvenient. That is how the unwanted unborn human is viewed. But let's explore that, shall we? Let' take a look at other "inconvenient" humans. Newborns rely on people to meet their needs, or they die. The elderly require some care, sometimes total care, or they die. The disabled, both physically and mentally, can require moderate to complete care, or they die. The sick and diseased and comatose require much care, often total care, or they die. All these people require someones sacrifice to stay alive, someone to love and care for their needs until such time as they naturally die or recover. Yet no one is lobbying for them to be killed when they become inconvenient, for a short time, or for a lifetime. What about the kid who is going through a tough time and causing all kinds of havoc, be they teens or toddlers or in between? They can be inconvenient. Your parents who suddenly have a stroke or accident or get old, and need your constant care right when you are at the pinnacle of career success or starting a new relationship or raising your own family, can be inconvenient. These are all individual humans with rights, just like the unborn individuals carried in women's bodies for survival. What makes these worthy of living, and the unborn children worthy of dying/being mutilated/killed?  An honest assessment is that there is no difference. Individuals are individuals...innocent humans with a right to live, just like you and everyone you know or will ever meet. You are one step away from killing anyone who is inconvenient in your opinion, if you are willing to kill the unborn. And one day, that inconvenient person just might be you, or your spouse, or mother, or child, or best friend. Let that sink in. You are not exempt because you are young and vibrant and healthy today. We all age. Tragedy strikes everyone without exception. It is a matter of time.

 And that is the inconvenient truth that people want to ignore and push away. They want to ignore it because it is terribly inhuman and ugly and brutal. To be honest about the situation would mean admitting they are guilty of approving murder of the innocent and inconvenient in this world. And they probably do not want to face that truth, because it makes them into a monster. No one wants to be called a monster, right? 

It doesn't take much to make the jump to legalized killing of the inconvenient, if you kill the innocent unborn humans of the world. It is an absence of respect for human life.
 It's not? Go to the library and read The Giver. Tell me then that you are not this close to that kind of society.

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