Tuesday, June 25, 2013

June Random Ramblings

June is such a whirlwind month for us here. It is packed beyond reason with activity, so blogging is not normal. However, my afternoon just opened up so i am going to take a moment to say hello and tell about our month. First, i began the monthat a 5K obstacle course in Fair Park with some friends. I loved it and got to know Valerie much better. We could be sisters! After that I went to my nephews 4th birthday party. Doesn't seem possible he is already 4. Then we continued schooling for 2 weeks, while running errands and such. Those weeks ended witha  double birthday extravaganza for Jacob and Elizabeth. there were movies, tv, tons of food, swimming, sleepovers and much laughter. A day later my oldest two left for camp with the youth group. I thought I would have lots of time to just hang out with the younger kids but the van decided to get a flat tire and the brakes decided they needed replacing, and Jordan got his ortho consult and has to get work done on 2 consecutive days, and the house needed touch up paint and rooms needed a cleaning overhaul and there were some character issues to deal with, too. So the week was super busy. As soon as the big kids returned, we had some good family time and then husband left for a week of six sigma blackbelt training and the rest of us got immersed in VBS. VBS week also included, a youth rally, two friends coming over, church, a sandwich supper, a trip to Sam's club and helping out at the self defense class (which got cancelled and is why i am blogging). And when this week ends, so does June. Vaporized. poof. gone.

We have made very good use of the swimming membership so far. I know we have been there 3 or 4 times every week and plan to go today and tomorrow. We have done some much needed shopping. And i got most of the core 200 ready for Jacob. I even read over the driver's ed manual so I can plan it out. I got some worldview books to add to our reading lists, too. Now if I can ever find time to sew that dress I cut out over Christmas break, I will be amazed. I guess sewing just isn't a big priority for me at this time. It is a great skil,l but the time it takes to make something factored in with the cost when using some really great fabric, makes it really not worth the effort for me right now. And if I can't use amazing fabric to make an amazing garment, i know I won't want to wear it, so why bother. The kids are trucking along and growing and changing. Each year is just so different from the last, and when they morph from kids to teens it is such a ride. I still have a lot of work to do with the youngest ones before they hit the teen years, and contrary to some folk's belief, teens take a lot of work. Navigating them into the adult world means you cover lots of ground in many areas. It is a very important and time consuming season, but so important!
So life keeps me busy, busy, busy.
But no matter what, we still keep the most important things first. God, bible study time, prayer, fellowship, worship, serving, character, family. Those things are the things we drop the other stuff to do. First things first.

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