Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Summer yet???

It feels like summer has arrived even though it is the final week of May. Recital is over, so I suppose that is the reason for the feeling...oh, and the warmth and humidity are rearing their heads, and swim season is here.
But it really isn't quite summer...but hey, let's just keep pretending,ok? I like it.
We joined a local country club for the use of the swimming pool, and will probably use it 3 times a week or more. We visited the library today and had frozen yogurt. We are attending Mayfest on Friday, an English Country Dance formal to end the school year. Then on Saturday I am running (and I use that term loosely) the Urban Dash Obstacle Course in Dallas. I paid for summer camps for the four oldest, and myself to go as a counselor. Dance camp starts next week for Kim. And finally, we are planning for VBS. I teach, and Jacob makes videos, and Emily helps with puppets and small kids.
Amid it all we are still schooling and planning all the June birthday parties and the filming of Sandblade. I really hope they get it filmed by late August so we can plan the premiere.
OH! And I am getting a new camera this week. A Canon power shot. Can't wait to play with that! I want to do a great shoot with all the kids!
So where, you may ask, are those recital videos??? Wellllll....I need a large chunk of time to upload them so they will wait a bit longer...but they are coming!  Upload is so slow, even with broadband.
Ahem...now that I have been on a run, played UNO with Kim, and bathed, it is time to relax and watch Holes with the other kids before bedtime.
Tomorrow I will tackle other matters.
Hope your day is blessed!!!

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