Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Vacation at the beach was heavenly and I fully intend to blog in pictures...eventually. And I intend to post about the kids' recital that is upcoming and other life events, but that will have to wait.

Today as we await severe storms in the aftermath of the OK tornadoes, I await a plumber to hopefully fix the water leak in the pipe behind the fridge. Then i get to discuss this with the insurance company while informing them that the flooring replacement estimate is about $2500 over what they have allotted us. Gotta love those slow water leaks that present as a faulty refrigerator! At least we replaced the fridge, even though the ice maker on the new one went out within 3 weeks. Yea for warranties???

So next on the list of summer fun will be checking the A/C (a texas necessity), fixing the water heater, oven, and kids tub drain pan. And paying for church camp....Man, when it rains, it really pours.

On the other hand, it could always be much worse. Counting blessings!

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