Thursday, May 30, 2013

Summer schooling??? Really????

Yes, really. I get that a lot from PS families.
When are your kids out for summer?  Well, when they are finished with all the work, of course. And then they can do some supplemental things to keep sharp. I see no reason to school all summer at full speed unless absolutely necessary, but I also see no good reason to be a slug. 

It is a great time to do things that got pushed aside during the "regular" school year, or to focus more on special interest, or to find fun reinforcement activities.

So yes, we are schooling. The kids go full force until the basics are completed, then do exactly what I described above. Summer will be computer and video learning (including movie watching) and library trips with lots of reading, swimming, skating, bike rides, church camp,  filming, movie parties with friends, dance classes now and then, a bit of piano work, art time, Spanish fun stuff, and prepping for fall.

It is still summer and we are much more flexible...besides, we still have to get 90% of the downstairs flooring replaced due to water damage...after I convince the insurance company that sheet vinyl flooring really is rather expensive. They seem to be under the impression that it is quite cheap. I think they need to go shopping and update their databases.

But I digress. So, what are your summer plans?

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