Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Break Activity

Hey, look! It's me!
Jordan and Kimberly in the van.
Jacob and Emily going to bible class.
Lizzy ready for church. So pretty!
Jordan fishing for crawdads and watching tadpoles.
Kim hanging out at the creek.
A little bit of spelling and writing. And below is building the science project where we are growing basil.

Spring break was a busy week. Not really a break. We did some schooling and had some fun, too. One of the big projects was to go through the kids clothes and weed out for spring/summer. In the end we rid ourselves of about 4 large bags of clothing. I also set some limits and actually stuck to them....for boys they get 3 jeans, 4-5 shorts, 1 track pants, 12 shirts and 2 dress pants and 4 nice shirts and 2 sleep pants. For girls they get, 4-5 dresses, 3 jeans, 4 shorts, 3 capris, 2 culottes, 2 jammies, 12 tops, 4 skirts and 4 nice tops. That may seem like a lot, but it really isn't all that much.
We also went to the movies with grandma and had planned to go to the Heard Museum but it didn't happen. One day we spent filming red Bat Returns with Jacob and his crew. We built a light hut, played outside a lot, headed to the park and just hung out together. Then at the end of the week was the Harry Potter movie marathon. We enjoyed that, too.
Mostly, it was just a nice, easy week. Oh, and no dance classes! Don't get me wrong...we LOVE dance classes and the studio and the atmosphere, BUT it was awesome to be home every evening!!! So much better than a vacation!
So, this week we are back at full time schooling, and full dance classes, and co-op, and such. This week we will fill in the clothing gaps (yep, we had some) and get Emily's braces put on. And we will end with a grandparent visit, and movies to see Hunger Games. Hope your week is fabulous!

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