Wednesday, March 14, 2012

About time for an update

While studying medieval history we let the little ones build a cardboard castle. They rather enjoyed it.
This is the newest Red Bat shirt. The old one got too small.
Jacob was studying pre-algebra here.
Jordan is in my hands on project class at co-op. He and trinity were finishing banks.
Above is Abby, Emily and Jenna. They had a formal tea party at Abby's. They also all dance together. Abby made her dress...isn't it pretty!

Slowly we have been ordering all our curriculum for the upcoming school year. Slowly we are working through the kids clothing with the intent of actually keeping the stockpiles low, for once. Slowly we are moving through spring break and enjoying the days of laziness. Life is good because God Is Good. We really don't have just a whole lot to report around here. There has been some mild stomach yuckiness, but really, we have been well. We have been to the hospital for a tour, had lunch there, went to the movies with grandma and had ice cream afterward, ordered the girls beds from IKEA, been to a formal tea, been involved with filming, been to dance classes, done some sewing, and biking. That is about it. We seem to be keeping our focus at home more and keeping our activities focused on godliness. So far it has been a good spring.

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