Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Braces, Beds, Bible, and Battles

An epic battle of army guys and cowboys/indians.
Three kids reading in the afternoon. how sweet is that????
Her first lost tooth. I finished her tooth fairy pillow as she lost the tooth! Oh, that is green gum in her mouth, so don't get too grossed out.
A gorgeous sunset one evening. Photos never do God's handiwork justice.

Jacob at the "beach" at bass pretending to be in Florida......oh, to be there right now!!!!! bliss......
She got her braces! The teeth are already moving. This was one hour after they were put on. Bottom ones come in 6 weeks.
New beds for the girls....we like!

It has been a busy couple of weeks as we have had a large share of errands and schoolwork to complete. Much has happened. The girls got new beds, Emily got braces on top teeth, kids got to get some new spring clothes, and got to shoot guns at bass pro and play on their beach, and we have been preparing for LTC bible competition. We are still working on LTC art entries and plan a big week of "cramming" next week before we leave. But there has been a lot of learning as we study botany, and the middle ages, and math and reading. We have seen some great educational shows, planned some get togethers, danced, and had co-op classes. Kids are starting to take responsibility for cooking some meals, so they can learn our recipes. Home Ec class, i say. Not sure how Easter will go. We will be getting home late, and there are some business trips coming up. Also got some big things happening with CHEFS and Timbrel right now. Life is kind of up in the air in some ways, but more grounded in others. God is in it all so it will all work out just fine. Anyway, just a brief and kind of random, messy update of our life.

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