Saturday, March 3, 2012

Almost Famous!

All our beautiful kids! *proud mama*
The kids with one of the sets of grandparents. I think this is a great photo!
All four grandparents at the Red Bat Premiere.
Walking the red carpet.....the stars of the evening! Austin created the characters, and filmed. Jacob wrote the script and was the starring role and offered up the editing software. 35 minutes of movie history was made by a couple of talented 13 year olds.
Dakota and Emily
Dakota and Lizzy (Dakota is one of Jacob's best friends)
The table of the filmies
Our stars.
Signing autographs on the programs
Announcing the movie
The Quadrixie Productions filmies all together...planning the next project...

So that was Saturday night, and it was an all out gala. Then IT hit our house....the sickness.
By Sunday night I was feeling bad. By Monday afternoon I was down for the count. By Tuesday Jacob was down. Rotten stomach bug....but it passed finally, though many folks we know got sick this week as well.
Still, sickness can't spoil our week! We had some schooling on Monday, and even less on Tuesday. Tuesday night Emily entered a talent show with an original piano piece. She did great and I will post a video soon. No one missed dance classes, but by Wednesday night our activity caught up with us and we skipped church. We ate at Pizza Hut for lunch on Thursday (and I say "eat" very loosely) and headed to Sam's. It is the first trip I recall in long time where the kids were begging to go home and lay down. Then Friday we had our first co-op classes. Boy, were they FUN! I love all the cool stuff being taught...especially one of Jacob's classes. they are studying "Whatever Happened to Justice?"....a book everyone should have to read. Especially one unnamed current president. And my friend renee came over to give Emily and me haircuts. Emily got about 8 inches cut off. It is really cute!
Last night we just took it easy and played cards and such. Today we had a birthday party, produce co-op, library time, fishing and grocery day. And tomorrow a baby shower for a friend who is having twin girls.
We got a lot of our school stuff in for next year and got that organized. teaching older kids is really a lot of fun. I am truly excited about their work, though it is a whole lot. It is going to prepare them terrifically for adulthood, with a proper worldview. Tomorrow is supposed to be a day of rest, but it is going to be a day to celebrate God's control. You see, some of our friends have been in the hospital with their 16 year old son since New Years and they just came home Friday. This will be their first time back at worship since then. Their son went into cardiac arrest back then due to malfunction in his brain shunt, and almost did not make it. He had a very hard recovery, but through prayer, we have seen God's care in our lives and His intercession on our behalf. This has been a testament to the power of prayer. I personally believe it is the greatest power we have this side of heaven. And all the glory for what happens daily goes to God alone.

Hope you had a great week and are blessed in the coming week. Oh yeah, and don't neglect to exercise your right to vote. Primaries are important!

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