Tuesday, September 14, 2010

In Other Random News......

It rained last week...I mean really rained...there was a hurricane named Hermine who came into Texas and literally flooded us. But we were oh so dry and needed it. And since it was not thundery or anything the kids played and soaked themselves. Ahh the joys of childhood!
Jordan has decided to be a cub scout so he went to cub fun day and learned archery and .......
BB shooting.
He really had fun. this kid has loved guns and bows and knives since he was born. This was right up his alley!
As we studied history we cam upon the Sumerians who were quite an advanced people. They even had flushing toilets and hot/cold water in homes! Amazing. they also had a 600 character written language called cuneiform. The kids did not choose to make cuneiform tablets for a project though. They went with lego versions of ziggurats (used for idol worship--lovely).
But the work was good. Jacob did a whole city. Emily did two ziggurats. Gotta love Lizzie's with the red flower on top! Good learning, too!
Since my eyes are so sensitive, I wear glasses more often than my contacts. So i figured, hey...if I buy online at Zenni and get cheaper stuff, I can change up my style a bit! That was fun! A glasses collection! Crazy, huh!?
Below you will see my indulgent Chinese Laundry flats. I am totally wearing them to the library today!!!!!!
But this last photo is why I didn't really NEED them. And this photo doesn't include the roller skates, 6 other sandals, 3 sneakers, 3 boots and 1 pair flip flops. I have issues with shoes.
So, I warned you...that was really random stuff. I am just shocked I got on the computer long enough to post it! So anyway, hope the Lord is blessing your day with love and peace!
Now, on to the chores......

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