Monday, September 13, 2010

BreakFast and Chinese Laundry

Well, I know I was supposed to be on a fast of spending for clothes, but i have broken it....shameful, i know...but i had to have undies!!! Then I realized my staple shoes for fall/winter are black patent ballet flats. They wore out last year so on clearance I bought a new pair for $8--different brand though, and they rub blisters on my heel. Can't wear them at all! Ugh!

So i have to go on Sunday to buys shoes for my two oldest bigfoot kids and find some great pewter flats by Chinese Laundry that felt FABULOUS on my feet, and were on sale! My gut told me to get them even though they weren't black--I mean how often do you find shoes that love your feet so much---not often, I tell ya! BUT I didn't listen to my cheap self, and went to payless and bought some black satin ballet slippers. They are cute but after extended wear my big toe hurts so today, i am going to get those Chinese Laundry shoes that fit like a dream. Then I promise I am done shopping---well, unless I need a pair of jeans for fall/winter......but then I will be done. Really. I promise. Seriously!

Confession over.

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