Saturday, September 18, 2010

car shopping

van shopping actually--online. my van is a 1999 grand caravan and i love it, but it is starting to get cranky with me--you know--things like the power locks don't always work, or they work but only on a few doors, or the a/c cools a little, but to get full cooling you have to turn it all off, restart the van and then turn it on--very contrary, she we are looking at getting a 2008 or newer that we can put at least half the money down on and use the old van as a trade in---i want to have cheap payments so I can still put something into savings...but a new ride would be very sweet, and given my driving record I will likely keep the new van for at least 10 years!
we shall see.......................
I have found a 2009 town and country that I really love. hopefully we will be able to negotiate a great deal this week. And maybe we will also be able to get the house refinanced! Been praying about it, so whatever happens, is what is supposed to happen.

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