Sunday, August 22, 2010

These Are A Few of My Favorite Things...

Oh, I could have added a thousand photos for this post, like sleeping kids, kids on bikes, kids in snow, kids in swings, kids swimming, kids at the beach......but I went with kids at the arboretum because we just went and it is always so beautiful there. (Well, the exception is the kids in the first photo which is actually at the sprayground playground)
Walking through the gardens is just a breathtaking experience. The kids even love going and seeing the flowers, the ponds, the fish, the gardens, and the waterfalls. Each season is magical at the arboretum.
And in summer there are gorgeous butterflies everywhere--this one was just inches from us. The theme was Peter Rabbit and they had the cutest displays. This butterfly had better watch out, though...he is in Mr. McGregor's garden!
This was taken in a section where all the Beatrix Potter characters had their own special house of foliage, fully decorated with mini yards and houses you could walk into. This was the main one.
The five most special children and loving together each day!
I love this picture. Purples are lovely, and so is Elizabeth, the most active and dramatic of the kids.
Jacob is growing up too fast. He is going to be a teenager next year...oh, so handsome and intelligent and creative.
Our little favorite 6 year old in the world, he is full of mischief and adventure every day.
Kimberly is a doll, so sweet and kind, yet fiercely independent.
And Emily, the most caring and generous of the kids, a helper in every way.

They are all such a blessing and they bless my life daily.


Steve Finnell said...

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Scoggins Family said...

Steve I do not know you, but I did go to your blog and your beliefs are right on! If only everyone could see the biblical truth of salvation, reject denominationalism and tradition and just obey the Word!