Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Kimberly Turned FOUR!

This is her jungle cake she requested. She gets to keep the animals. As usual, all the kids helped bake and decorate it, and we had a fun mess!
She loved to hear everyone sing to her. What a classic Kimmie face!
She got a doll with stroller, playdough ice cream factory, matching game, treehouse playset, bracelets, bubblebath and fuzzy slippers, and some cash. She was very happy to have everyone come over and play.
And she requested a pinata. The kids always love that. Poor little pony, his head was severed! But he was delicious inside...
I just can't believe she is 4! Part of me would love another baby to raise, and part of me says, "you are not quite ready for that...look at all you have going on with these five...they need you." So if it is meant to happen the Lord will take care of that in His timing, because my timing is really not a good idea. But leaving the toddler years forever seems so horrible to me. But I suppose we all grow old and that time has to come......sigh.

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