Saturday, August 7, 2010

Makes me Hungry!

So I am browsing my blog list and The Pioneer Woman has this giveaway for a FABULOUS LeCreuset dutch oven in PURPLE! It is SO COOL! So I enter the giveaway (but I will never win it....:( ) Keeping my fingers crossed...oh the stuff I could cook in that beauty!
Anyway, I am becoming addicted to her recipes....I mean, those sliders look awesome, and we are so making that cheesecake with blackberries! It's like Paula Deen, only cooler! And she is not far away either. Just in Oklahoma, and has a bunch of kids, and homeschools. She's on the top of my list for sure! Check her out if you haven't already. Ree rocks!
Well, I better clean up breakfast and get some topping on that Key Lime Pie I made this morning. Hope your day is blessed!

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