Saturday, August 14, 2010

One Week to Go!

One week until we start "school". Are we ready? Of course :) Yesterday we had our co-op planning and the kids got enrolled in some great classes like phonics, cooking, politics, speech, martial arts, greece and rome, colonial america....and I get to teach Greece and Rome! I volunteered of course. My plan is to use the Drive Thru History dvd as a springboard, and supplement with a hands on kit from the Estes family stock. There will be lots of bible and biography study too--so exciting!

As for the homefront Kimberly will be learning through manipulatives alongside her siblings. Jordan is beginning to learn to read with Learning Language Arts Through Literature, and starting first grade math with Saxon. Elizabeth will use the same programs as him, just on a 2nd and 3rd grade level. She has also started Spelling Power. Emily is using the same literature and Spelling, but is moving into Teaching Textbooks for math. Jacob is using the same lit and spelling and math as Emily, but his is pre-algebra level. JAcob and EMily are also using a bible based writing lesson book from Institute for Excellence in Writing, and Writing Strands. The whole family will do KONOS unit studies and Mystery of History volume 1. Jacob, being middle school is taking Apologia general science, too. Late in the afternoon we will be using a variety of drawing and art and music curricula, and Rosetta Stone Spanish. The kids who read, will read the bible daily and the two oldest will have book studies in A Young Man/ A Young Woman After God's Own Heart. And we always have morning devo time with scripture memory, singing, bible and character training. And I do solemnly promise to do my best to keep up with read alouds this year!

For extracurricular, Kimberly plans to do homeschool gymnastics, Jordan wants to try scouts, and Jacob, Emily and Elizabeth will take musical theater classes. We may try some intramural sports with a different homeschool group, and some of their social activities. All but the two youngest will participate in LTC at church and Jacob will do some youth group stuff. We plan to visit the zoo, go to some plays, see the DSO, and who knows what else!

Sound busy?? It is, but it will be a great year of learning and growing together, and we will adjust where necessary.

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