Thursday, July 29, 2010

Six Flags

Ok, so this whole post isn't about Six Flags, but most of it is. Here I am so you can see who does all these odd ramblings....
And here is Emily, our oldest girl, who spents hours with the new 100x pocket microscope and prepared slides. I really need a new one though because the inner lens has a spot and I can't remove it! But for under $15 I won't send it back to Cali.
This Is Elizabeth (and me in the background), after a long, hot, dirty day at Six Flags. Our annual trip with free tickets from reading club. It costs $15 to park, we bring lunch, spend $22 for two very large refillable drink bottles, and it is becoming our tradition for Emily to purchase new flip flops for about $7 as hers always seem to break at Six Flags.....hmmmm. Suspicious!
Elizabeth and Kimberly
Emily, Clay, and Kimberly
Jacob and Jordan
And Kimberly on the way to Six Flags.

In other news we are having a big playdate today at our house. We are also about to celebrate 4 precious years with our baby. Her birthday is Tuesday! And our oldest is going to embark on hunting Education and get a bow. The oldest three are enrolled for fall musical theater and the youngest two are going into gymnastics again. The youngest boy plans to give scouts a try. And we are two weeks from planning classes for our co-op. Life passes by too quickly so hug your kids and tell them every day that you love them. Play with them, read to them, walk with them, train them up in the way they should go, set the example. Use a loving voice as often as possible and cherish every moment. They fly by so quickly never to be recaptured. If you are able to go into your child's room each night and hear them breathe and kiss them, you are blessed beyond imagination! Treasure these days.

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