Saturday, July 3, 2010

Life in June

Jacob and Elizabeth had a joint birthday at the park. the girls had nailpolish and the boys had nerf fights. Lots of friends came and so did family. It was a very fun day, followed by a trip to the Hunt County Fair. We did cupcakes this year instead of cake. I think it worked better.
Elizabeth had fun with her friends and cousins.

Jacob and his friends had tons of fun too!

Then Jacob left for a week to go to his first church youth group camp. It was hard on all of us for him to be gone, but Jordan stepped up and took on some mowing for his brother. Way to go little man!

Then Elizabeth got a haircut and Emily discovered some new rollers. She likes the curls but has so much hair with so little body that it just won't stay for long.

And one day we decided to browse some thift stores in Garland with grandma, but just as we got ready to leave, a cloud rolled in unexpectedly and brought us a lovely funnel cloud! Not what we like to see, for sure!

Here is a pre-party pic of the birthday kids--Jacob turned 12 and Elizabeth turned 8---and I just want to say that time goes by too quickly! But aren't they great!!!

And here are three of the kids doing one of their favorite things--playing board games!
We also had a fabulous Superhero themed VBS, and saw Toy Story 3, and went swimming a lot and bowling a few times. Stacy came into town for a week and it was great seeing her and the whole Friday Friends team. Maybe in july we will be back on track with summer school and home projects. Today we got a new tv cabinet for the playroom, picked out paint for the kitchen and the girls room, hung a pet net and pet chain for the girls' stuffed animals, and fixed the door on the dvd cabinet. Now I have PILE of sewing to tackle, and a little planning for friday school to take care of, a shelf unit to find and hang for the boys' lego, and some blinds and curtains to hang before getting set up for fall semester, which by the way is coming on too quickly......

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