Monday, July 26, 2010


well, in a way i am fasting...not in the food sense, though that is a biblical command in certain situations. But i have had a lifelong love of clothing and shoes. And sadly I have indulged often, though it was not necessary--a sin to be sure! But we all have sins and this is by far not my only one, but I want to conquer my sins as much as possible and set a good example for my kids. So i have decided to curb my materialism and go on a year long fast not to buy anything for myself in the way of clothing, shoes, or accessories except necessary underthings or socks if needed, and watches when i lose mine (which i already have done).
Instead i am focusing on being content and using what I have, because let's face it..i don't need any of those things and even if half my stuff wore out, i still wouldn't have a need. That is how blessed we are. I also do not plan to shop for the kids unless there is an actual need, and i promise not to over-purchase.
I am hopeful that after a year long "fast" I will be forever changed in my spending habits.
So what will i do instead? Focus on teaching proverbs to the kids more diligently...chronicle our homeschooling years in a scrapbook....enjoy the lasting parts of life which are people and relationships. And see what other sins I can conquer.
Blessings to you and yours as you daily try to follow God toward our home in heaven!

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