Saturday, July 17, 2010


Catchy title, huh!Well, i am tired and not into punctuation today or creativity. been getting ready to wrap my mind around the upcoming school year. I will officially have a middle schooler. Do you realize how that changes life? School becomes more intense and precise records for transcripts have to be kept up, while trying to maintian a relaxed atmosphere teaching other , younger kids. Requires some thought and prayer for sure! But I can do it! And it will work well. Also been working on summer organizing and repainting. Got some sewing to do, and some co-op planning to work on, but co-op is so much simpler since we reorganized last summer and split from CHEFS. Before that we had made the whole process a nightmare, though we thought it was making things simple--really it wasn't. Now it is! And is so much fun!
In other news it is HOT!!!! still want to go to Six Flags but dread going due to the nasty sweaty smells, heat, and crowds. Three of my least favorite things. Wish i was back at the beach house! if only the whole family, church and homeschool group were there, it would be perfection to me! I think we are vacationing in the mountains next year. Not thrilled about that, but Clay likes it. I am fine just viewing that and deserts through photos. But that is just me. I am a beach or historical east coast girl. But it's not all about me. so anyhow, just trying to stay cool, keep life family and God focused and serve others with joy and truth. have a good month!

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