Monday, April 8, 2013

LTC photo time

 The Downtown Dallas Hyatt Regency
Me, unloading.

 Jacob and some siblings heading to the entrance, while valet parks the van.
 Jordan And EMily in the competition shirts in the hotel room.
 We were not far off the atrium and this was the view freom the 11th floor balcony.
 Jacob and the puppets he voiced.
 His puppet group. Someone had my camera, who is a 13 yr old female, and this was the only group competition shot we got......
 Emily and one of her besties, Elizabeth.
 Our Elizabeth!
 Our Jordan at his first ever LTC competition! He did well!
 Kimberly, along for the fun, ready for her turn to compete...has 2 more years.
Snack time after chorus competition. They sang beautifully!

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