Friday, April 26, 2013

Go Ahead...Make My Day!

Sometimes, out of the blue, someone just makes your day, don't they?
After 40, I admit I have days I just feel gross and old. But compliments are wonderful and fill me with smiles for days! I have had several compliments lately, as in the past 5 months, but today's was great.
I was fridge shopping in Home Depot with the 2 youngest and wearing a black tee, and bright blue spandex capris and running shorts, and Nikes. My hair was not brushed well, and makeup, what little I had applied that morning, was almost gone. As we are walking out of the store, the greeter (a short, pretty, stylish woman of 40ish age) said, "Wow! You are so gorgeous! You really are beautiful! Wow!" I kind of looiked around to see the person, but there was no one, so I said, "Sorry?" And she reiterates, "You are just gorgeous! A real knockout!" So I said, "Well, thank you. I just love that you said that. It made my day!" And she just said, "Well, you really are. And it just struck me."
That came out of nowhere, but I really loved it.

Other compliments I got lately that made my day.....
1. Hard hit of the night goes to Brandee (said by Eric, one of the self defense instructors, after fight night)
2. Your family is amazing!
3. Your kids are so talented and such godly kids.
4. Your family is wonderful and beautiful!
5.You look fabulous in that dress!
6. Oh no! She's back! No suiting up for you! (for second fight night)
7. You're so athletic! (that one made me laugh)
8. I want to be a wife and mother like you.

Something as simple as a compliment can really make someone's day. Compliment people on the good you see in them and their family, interior and exterior, and you will make their day. Doesn't matter if you know them or not. Who knows what good could be accomplished if we all did this more often. It just makes you feel happier, stronger, more confident, and blessed, and most of all loved.

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