Thursday, May 24, 2012

So this week has been kind of different. We have had rehearsals at the GMA all week, in the evenings instead of regular classes. I have to admit it is really fun to do the rehearsals and have the fellowship of our studio. But it is also tiring for the kids. We have accomplished much in schoolwork and done another switch in math curriculums. We also got caught up on some history and science, but lagged in drawing. Something has to give I guess.
Summer officially begins for us on Monday even though we will school thru the summer. We are going to make allowances for fun times with friends. And next week will include the beginnings of filming Sandblade. That will be great since we are going to be in letdown mode from recital. The endings are always sad times.
But the summer is a new beginning and prayers have been answered for some great things. Camps are coming up, visits, VBS, and more! I just love our church family and homeschooling community!
So this was just a quick update. I really hope I get some photos up this weekend of recital.

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