Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Winding Down???

For many PS kids, the school year, as they call it, is about to end. Not so for most homeschoolers. Since we have such flexibility, many of us school through summer. Kids tend to lose less learning, they work better within structured days, and what else will you do when it is 104 outside anyway??? So even though we have a technical 2 weeks left, learning will continue into June and July. In large part because we haven't finished our books. We have several weeks of language arts, and math to go for most. And some of my kids are on a Jan-Dec schedule, so a long break is not reasonable. But we will not school during camps, VBS and holidays. Summer also has more filming and get togethers and swimming and bowling and skating and a ton of birthdays so that will be necessary interference.

But, I am proud to say that we have "graduated" a kindergartener and an eighth grader this year.....never really celebrated those things before and won't this year, but just thought I'd make the announcement.

So, I am off to start another day with my precious kids and to savor the moments before they slip thru my fingers and leave me with only memories.

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