Monday, May 7, 2012

What is our life like?

With homeschooling, our days are constantly changing as the kids grow and the curriculum changes to fit them. So today I decided to share our day...not particularly typical.
First, our menu of the week:\
Breakfasts: cereal with peanut butter, turkey bacon sandwiches, baked oatmeal, eggs and toast, pancakes
Lunches: fish sticks with macaroni, meatballs with potatoes, sandwiches with pretzels and hummus, tortilla roll sandwiches with fruit and dip, cream cheese dip with crackers and fruit and pretzels
Dinners: church food, beans and fries, chicken fried steak with potatoes and veggie, egg rolls and rice, ravioli casserole with bread and salad

So here is a sort of typical there such a thing???
we wake at around 7:15 and make coffee and watch spongebob. Around 8am we walk the dogs and then eat breakfast around 8:25, then make beds and brush teeth and be ready for devotional time by 8:50. After devo we get the days announcements and the two oldest go work on their assignments at their pace, while I work with the youngest three. I have to keep some separated for focus reasons. They do math and language arts and bible with breaks between each subject. Around noon we all eat lunch and the kids usually help with lunch prep. Then we just take a break until almost 1pm. About 1pm we read a story and start chores and cleaning. That is done around 1:45, then we go out for PE and exercises until 2:30. After that we do science, history, art, spanish, music stuff and depending on what day of the week it is and what extracurricular dance or piano classes we have, the youngest two must nap by 3 or 4pm for at least an hour. We have: Monday- library at 4:30 and dance at 5:15 and sometimes MNFTM at 6, Tuesday-dance from 5-7:30, Wednesday-every other week piano at 2, Friday-co-op 8 weeks per semester from 9-12 and dance from 5-6.
Dinner on dance nights is something quick, crockpot, or delay bake in oven and breadmachine. I check the older kids work to make sure it is done correctly and grade tests. If work isnt done well, they redo and miss activity. Motivation.... We hang out as a fmaily inevenings, frequently walking and visiting with neighbors or riding bikes. Then we try to get in bed by 10....
Typical day at our house.
As for schooling, the K/1 kid uses LLATL blue, saxon math 1, HW without tears,....the 2nd grader uses HW without tears, LLATL red, saxon math 2, spelling workout, DrawWrite Now ......the 4th grader uses LLATL orange, teaching textbooks 4, HW without tears and spelling workout and writing strands...the 6th grader uses LLATL tan, teaching textbooks 7, writing strands and sonlight reading list...the 8th grader uses LLATL grey, Life of Fred and Saxon math, sonlight history and lit and bible supplement and Apologia science.
The youngest 4 use SOTW history, Apologia and other science including Inquisikids, Mathtacular dvds, atelier art and art adventures at home. The oldest two use rosetta stone spanish and youngest three use La Classe Divertida. We do online keyboarding skills and other internet supplements.
Of course, we are about at the end of this "school year" though that means little to us, so things will be different come August for some.

But that, in a nutshell is a glimpse of our days. They looked so different just a few short years ago...time changes things...but the journey continues!

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