Monday, June 4, 2012

Summer is here!

Recital with timbrel School of Dance was AMAZING as always, but also tiring. Still, I just love it. The kids love it. And we miss seeing our friends when it is over. But that doesn't last for long. That place has such a family atmosphere that we all like to get together!

So the week after recital we decided to just do three math lessons and call it a week. We also went to Dakota's house twice to film Sandblade, and took kids to the Smith's to hang out one afternoon. We swam twice and went out to eat for the June birthdays. We had a piano recital for Emily and decided that she would take time off and let Jacob take her piano slot in August. We planned for summer camps and dance camps and birthdays that are coming up, and went to a baby shower and made gifts for a cousin.

It has been nice, but this week we are back at 100% schooling each day, with dancing and bowling and swimming thrown int. Next week our oldest two will be at church camp so we will be going to the movies, biking, swimming, and many other fun things (and no schooling). Then we will have another 100% school week with some filming, dancing and swimming, and maybe skating and parties, ending with the start of VBS week where we will have no school. But will dance, film, etc.

July might be less hectic, but it doesn't feel hectic, now. It is just a matter of scheduling life and friends for 5 kids. They are quite social creatures. I suppose we are just used to it. Plus, we love the kids friends and families....

Anyway, that was just a quick update. All photos ended up on FB. Hope you have a blessed summer!

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