Saturday, November 5, 2011

Long Wait for a New Post

Well, I haven't updated in about two weeks. Life got a little bit busy...but it was all fun! The costumes finally got completed, and Emily decided to plan a costume party the Saturday before Halloween, at our house. i provided cookies and kool-aid, and she ran the show. The kids all had a blast and the above photo is most of the attendees, minus David and Josie who came later.
Right before Halloween weekend we took a trip to the zoo in Tyler. It was quite chilly that day, but the kids had a great time. They are posing for me above. We had all school completed early that week so we could take the day off, and there were no co-op classes.
This is Kimberly and Rocket sitting on Clay.This happens almost nightly. That dog loves Clay, and so does Kimberly!
Here are the kids gazing at the giraffes and elephants. We really had a fun day. Also stopped by the Brooksire's World of Wildlife museum. Free and fun. My kind of trip!
With the cooler temps, the kids get outside a lot. They also haul our blankets into the yard every day to make playhouses and other such things. I think there are many adventures taking place outside!
But our poor new little dog has short hair and very little body fat so the cooler weather was harder on him. We decided he needed a coat. Have you seen the outrageous prices on dog sweaters and costumes??? They are nuts! i googled "dog coat pattern" and found one by Martha Stewart, and enlarged it manually to my dog's measurements. Then i drove to Walmart and found some sherpa and velcro, came home, cut it out, sewed on the velcro, and VOILA'....a warm doggy coat! He is much warmer now! And all for under $7.

So that is the news here. School is going quite well and we are enjoying piano lessons (mainly because we get to hang out with the Smith's every other week!), and dance classes and karate. It is almost time for Nutcracker rehearsals to begin and that will be crazy! There are so many more kids this year I shudder to think how crowded the green room is going to be! And locating all my kids after the show...well, I shudder at that too! Gotta devise a plan for keeping up with them...4 kids in the show this time, two with two parts each!

Anyway, today is my nephew's 5th birthday, so we are going to have a monster party this afternoon, and I need to get myself ready! Hope your life has been blessed!

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