Monday, October 17, 2011

In the past week...

This is Emily's costume, complete with apron, which i modified quite a I need to do Elizabeth's apron and all will be completed.
This is my great Aunt, a family friend, my maternal grandma, and my dad at the birthday party last weekend. My dad was 65! It was a fun day.
These are the kiddos about to leave for Sunday worship.
Here are two prairie girls in my yard. Cute!!
here they are again......
This is called homeschooling...sibling teaching sibling reading skills.
And this is homeschool science...physical science.
Morrow family reunion...Jordan getting a coveted soda.
Kim with a monarch we found in the woods.
Chow table.
Kid social club..
hanging out with family
It has been a great week. Lots of school was done, character was learned and applied, sewing happened, we hung with both sides of the family and ate great food (too much great food). And we began looking at getting a camper for trips. Not that we travel much, but large families DO NOT fit in hotels. We have to camp or rent homes, and both have advantages, and while I totally prefer renting homes, the camping option is far more cost effective, except that my husband is the only one who really likes to camp (in a tent). So a pop up camper would be great. Actually a 20-22 ft pull behind would be greater, but that is NOT cost effective for us, so it will have to be a pop up camper. It is not my favorite option, but it beats a tent any day of the week. So maybe if we find one our trips can be less costly and possibly more frequent. That would be cool--depending on where we ended up! Sorry, but I am not into heights or dangerous adventures...but a tour up the east coast to see all the colonial sites would really be neat! So would a mid-America trip to see the Little House sites and other stuff...even makes a trip to the beach better! So anyway, life here is good and rolling along nicely.

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