Saturday, October 8, 2011

Quickly, now....

Here is the weekly news update:
Not much happened this week. We conducted a full week of school with no major injuries or errands, got along really well, completed a lot of cleaing, bid on lots of kids clothing from ebay (and won several at outstanding prices), sewed 2 prairie dresses, had several Christmas gifts delivered and stored. Also got Nutcracker mouse ear prototype made--it looks great! All in all a productive week with everyone and now we are in birthday mode for the weekend. And best news of all--FIL's cancer has not appeared to spread! Yea! Great news!
Can i just say, i love easy going weeks like this???? Simple and easy and enjoyable. I love my kiddos and staying home educating them (actually, they do most of their learning in spite of me...). Blessings abound and I praise God for them all!

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