Monday, November 21, 2011

Twas the Week Before Thanksgiving...

And boy has it been a week of eventfulness. Above are the holiday decorations Emily and I have been making.
And here is EMily teaching Kimberly some piano skills.
And this is the stash of fabric that I cut for Christmas projects...well, most of it. Some has already been sewn. this is all that is left to do. I got quite a bit sewed on Sunday since we missed church due to illness.
This is the cabin we stayed at Friday night at a local state park. We debated not going since Jordan had been sick with a stomach virus, but he seemed better Friday morning so we headed out, only to have Kimberly fall ill that night. We came home early Saturday and Clay and jacob were ill by Sunday. Today is Monday and Kim is better and so is Jacob, but Lizzie is beginning to feel a bit bad, and Clay says he is not quite over it.
This is Jordan and Kimberly working on some schoolwork together.
And Jacob and Elizabeth doing their reading one afternoon.
So that is what has been happening. Last week we got our bulk/co-op order and that was fabulous! I have been baking bread and using the apples all week. Today i set out our turkey to thaw. It is going to be big! But it will be good. We made a run to Hobby Lobby for lots of goodies last week, too, and have been crafting a lot. School is going just fine. I really don't worry about being behind at all, not that we are really behind. I have learned to just relax and take life as it comes. If we are diligently working toward the goals it will all be fine. The kids are all doing well and progressing at their pace, and the character is coming along well.....most days. The kids still want us to look into a used travel trailer, but I am just not sure we'd have the time to justify it...and finding one in decent shape for the price we'd be willing to pay is tricky. Then there is the matter of storage...and stocking it. And the upcoming expense of auto work and braces and LTC, and church camp and dance recitals. Maybe when the time is right, the Lord will set it before us. And if not, that is fine too. Honestly I do not like to travel much. I definitely don't like sleeping away from home. I just really want a simple life at home with the family. If i never travel it won't matter to me, because in the grand scheme it just isn't of any real importance to me. Now, if the kids all move off in different places not close to here, I will travel to see them as often as possible. Maybe that is when I need to look at travel trailers...hmmm. That will be worthwhile travel for me. That is what i want my later years to be about anyway--family, not adventure. Though to tell the truth, this family brings plenty of adventure in its own way. But an adventurous roaming spirit, I do not possess.
Ok, so that was a bit of digression. The week was good and we are looking forward to thanksgiving this week. There is truly MUCH to be thankful for!

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