Friday, November 11, 2011

I am not a very good blogger. Just not terribly interesting to read about for the average person, i guess. But here goes another week of our life!
The monster party was fun. I enjoyed cleaning the kitchen, as strange as that sounds! It was relaxing while all the kids played. We also had a nice visit with my parents that evening. But alas, the stomach bug reared its ugly anuseating head and by bedtime i felt positively ILL. But I went to church Sunday anyway, just didn't say much or eat much all day. It has kinda passed thru the house. Just a bunch of upset tummies. Schoolwork has gone exceptionally well. The kids are reading lots of neat thing for discussion and we are entering Medieval history which is fascinating! We have read and discussed the bible, The Witch of Blackbird Pond, The Fire Cat, Little Women, My Name is Not Angelica, and Stories from Grandma's Attic this addition to several readings of Bill and Pete/ Bill and Pete Go Down the Nile. Been teaching one to sew and one has been crocheting more and sewed a piano bag. One is learning to read and loving every second of it. One prefers to read his bible over all other books. Singing has been lovely this week and song book use has been coming along well for the younger ones as they figure out those large numbers. We love the weather changes for fall and all the rehearsals for Nutcracker. That is about to get intense. Karate seems to be going well, too. We joined a bulk/organic food co-op this week and are looking forward to picking up our order. Also snagged the Thanksgiving turkey for $13 (23 pounder). This was our final week of homeschool co-op classes and all went well. We already have some great class selections for spring. And we attended a harvest carnival with another homeschool group. That was pretty fun, too. Oh, and I cut about 3-4 inches off my hair...well, Renee did. The time change has been nice because we get up and going earlier, but not liking the dark evenings so much. But we play lots of games and hang out together so it is good. So that about sums it up. Tomorrow is full already with fun stuff with church friends, so here's hoping Sunday is relaxing.
Hope your week has been blessed, because ours has.

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