Wednesday, August 21, 2013

School Countdown....

And so it is Wednesday, August 21 and just yesterday the last of the new flooring (from the April water leak) was installed. We bought a plush rug off the discount rug table at Home depot, rearranged the furniture and got the school bokks all ready. Then I made my final to-do list. AAAARRRGHHHHH!!! How could I forget so much!!!!
So in short, I have to go apply for the parent taught driver's ed pack at the DMV, time out all the history of the church books for my oldest (because I didn't want to use the Sonlight choices), time out the math, driver's ed and Spanish for him, make lesson plans for the other children--all 4 of them, solidify our schedule of extra activities--no easy task, and probably some other things I fogot.

This year we have lots of extras, in addition to driver's ed. Mondays we have 2 ballet classes and a once a month physical science lab group, Tuesdays we have a ballet class, Wednesdays we have weekly voice lessons, piano twice a month, and regroup once a month, and bible classes. Thursdays we have two tap classes and high school bible study, and Fridays we have 10 weeks of morning co-op plus extra radio drama practices, theater class, and an occasional English country dance. So we will have Nutcracker through the dance studio, a community live radio drama performance and a piano voice recital. In spring we can add LTC work, too. Haircolor will be as essential as coffee this year, especially with the oldest boy learning to drive and becoming our chauffeur.

But today I am going to hang my new clothesline, water the yard, make some laundry soap, yogurt and bread, do a little planning and laundry folding, and some minor sewing, and go have a friend visit before making supper and heading off to teach bible class.

I think I'll have just one more cup of coffee first, though.
Have a blessed day!
Pictures to come later...I've been storing them up!

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