Wednesday, August 7, 2013

More Challenges

So, in addition to figuring out new school strategies for the middle kid (yesterday's post), I am now confronted with figuring out Driver's Ed in a Box for the oldest kid. The kit is labeled horribly, and seems very unclear to me. Quite confusing. I am sure once I understand the sequence of events, where all the materials a re located,  and why things are labeled textbook when there isn't a textbook, we will be fine. But i hate u8nlcear directions. Maybe I am NLD too. Abstracts and inconsistencies are not my strong points. It took my son figuring out that I first had to print and mail a copy of form DL-92 to get started, something NEVER stated in the parent manual or in the online site. Seems that would have been useful information... I also think they may be referring to the textbook as some videos and mini chapters that can be accessed online? Not sure yet, but if they would just call them what they are and be consistent, it would help SO MUCH! This program is rough starting. It is not developmentally appropriate.
In addition to this, we are awaiting a vinyl install for the kitchen/dining area today, so the house is in disarray. I love order, not chaos. And to further complicate matters, we have to move all the couches, computers, bookshelves, piano, tables, chairs, and our large tv out of the main living/formal areas on Sunday so we can have all the wood laminate torn out on Monday so the subfloor can dry out for a few days before the new laminate install. Yes, this is from the water leak in April. Chaos for days on end. So......Yeah.
This year will have its challenges. 10th grade, 8th grade, 5th/6th heavily modified grade, 4th grade, 2nd grade. I might need meds before it is over. Plus I am teaching a machine sewing class for our co-op that I am heading up in a couple of weeks, and the oldest is tackling chemistry and advanced algebra--2 things I have never taken and probably couldn't have passed at my peak educational time. The joy! And I do believe there will be prep for Nutcracker ballet, piano/voice recital, live radio drama performances, youth group activity, and some actual driving instruction. And that is all before Christmas.
So as I sit here breathing deeply to calm myself, I am reminded that He is with me through it all, and life has a way of working itself out. Today it just seems so overwhelming. But this too shall pass. Schooling will begin in about 3 weeks and the structure of a daily schedule will be such a relief. I think. Maybe I am wrong. We shall see.

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