Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Nutcracker Revisited and other stuff

This year, Jacob and Emily decided to take Musical Theater class at Timbrel school of dance. It culminated in their class doing the family Christmas scene to open the Nutcracker ballet at the Municipal Auditorium. It was fabulous! Beautiful! We were so proud of them both! Jacob is above in a blue shirt and dark pants swordfighting. They can't wait until classes start in January and Elizabeth plans to join next fall!
In this scene, Emily is front and center in the dress that is black velvet with red taffeta skirt. Her hair was all curled and gorgeous. Can't wait until we get the dvd! Amy Smith is doing them and that means they will be super!

Here is Jacob before the suspenders and bow tie, waiting for dress rehearsal to begin.

Here is Emily in the girls' dressing room waiting for dress rehearsal.

Another shot of Jacob and the other boys doing the sword play--he has red suspenders.

And here is Chloe, Katy and Emily "acting" after they received their gift.
In other news, Emily is loving her sewing machine. I am getting pretty good so I am thinking of trying to sell some handmade items on etsy. We will see how that goes! Time is precious to me and I don't plan to give much of it away, but still, this seems like a fun venture.
This week we have been cooking for Christmas Eve. We made lemon bars, pound cake with berries, ulitmate oatmeal cookies with frosting, and veggie trays. Tomorrow we have brunch with Clay's family at his parents' house, and then go to my brother's house for evening. I am a bit relieved not to have to come home and clean for company! Not that I haven't loved doing that in years past, but a rotation would be nice (and it is nice!).
These kids are growing up on me and I hate it!!!! I protest! Why can't they stay young??? But I have to say that even though I no longer have little bitty ones (and I miss that terribly!) I have loved each stage of their growth, though some days are much harder than others. They are becoming people I am proud to say we raised. And raising wholesome, godly children with a pure heart and mind is NOT easy in this world. It takes so much planning and deliberate choice in our lifestyle. But well worth it. I just hope the mistakes we make with them don't forever leave them messed up in any way. God gets the glory for the way they are turning out!

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Anonymous said...

your pics turned out great! I can hardly wait for the video! And yes, they are growing up so fast.