Friday, December 25, 2009

It's Christmas Day

Once again Christmas has come and gone. Over the past few years I have gotten increasingly sick of the materialistic nature of Christmas. Really to the point of dreading the holiday with the kids--it really filtered down to their attitudes. But this year we decided to make life simpler, and Christmas less about the stuff we get and more about spending time together. It went very well.
We made lots of homemade gifts and kept the budget lower. We also gave less to the kids--one gift from us, one from whichever sibling drew their name, and one from Santa, with a stocking of snacks and one simple "gift". The kids were happy, and didn't miss a thing. And we enjoyed it more. They really enjoyed spending time with their families and seeing snow. It has been low stress. I almost think their favorite thing was building a part of the lego advent calendar each day! And now it is over, things are put away, and I am ready to deconstruct the holiday theme and get back to a simple daily life.
Hope you had a great holiday with those you love, sharing with people around you! But remeber, every day is a gift from the Lord, and His Son is just as special every day as He is on Christmas--but most especially on Sundays when we remember His death for our sins. May we live every season of our lives for Him alone. God bless!

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