Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I think we should give all year, and not just at "Christmastime". For a Christian, every day should be Christ-mastime. But if the season brings out the giver in people, I can't complain! So even though we give all year, we are keeping it up during the holidays. How? Well, we give what we can-we sing at nursing homes/retirement centers, serve and clean at the meal we (deacon families) host for the Primetimers at church, take our carts to the cart return, share a smile or encouraging word, give to the Women in Need shelter, give to the neighbors who help us out all year, visit people, help people pay for things they don't have the money to cover, share our kids' talents in the Nutcracker this year, share recipes, share fabric, share ideas for gift giving, make homemade gifts, and tons of other stuff. But really we do these things all year.
Anyway, we have had fun sharing in the making of family memories and making gifts by hand. We pray for many and work to build the faith of Christianity in our kids. Hope you have a nice Christmas and focus on the giving and not the getting.

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