Sunday, June 28, 2009

We are Family!

Well, after seven weeks of Clay working in California, he is home!!! We are all so excited and feel very content and blessed to be together again. We are just going to soak up one another for the next few days, and live! On the other side of life, the A/C is now fixed, we are doing some work around the house, planning for Friday School, looking into renting the same beach house for next year's vacation, and still working on homeschool. Life is good, indeed. We also decided to invest in Clearplay, and are so looking forward to it! If you don't know what it is--do a google search. It is a fabulous thing for families that are in the habit of sheltering from bad language, inappropriate content and the like. Also loving homeschooling. It is one of our best decisions ever, and Lord willing, all the kids will one day be solid Christan homeschool graduates ready to make their mark on the world. FREEDOM!

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emma said...

When you get Clearplay, let me know how it goes. We bought something a few years back but it was over editing everything, even on Sesame Street! If it works well...but not too well, we may get one too!