Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Weekend Was Great

No pictures...again...but lots to report! We still have no air. but two great friends have loaned us window units so most of the house can be cooled. We compromise on some things, but I really have no room to complain. Clay was home over the weekend. His flight was supposed to land at 12:30, so I planned to arrive at 12:30, but after the kids and I ate lunch and had just pulled onto US635, he called us saying they were about to get off the plane! It was noon! But all was fine. We had Jacob and Elizabeth's party at the park that afternoon, and loved visiting. We left the whole house open when we left because we hadn't yet received the second a/c unit. We figured, if thieves were willing to brave the 92 degree home interior, they were welcome to whatever they could carry! But all was cared for as the Lord watched over us. Sunday we rested and enjoyed each other and in the evening we took the children to the county fair. Kimberly had such fun on the rides! Monday Elizabeth got her stitches out while daddy fixed the swingset. Then we all ate lunch at TaMolly's. I took the oldest 3 bowling while the others napped. Then before we knew it the limo arrived to whisk him away again.....tears. But now, all is fine. The boys went shopping for Jacob's birthday today and I took the girls to Firewheel Center to visit Build-a-Bear. Elizabeth and Kimberly got bears (well, Kim got a lamb). These were b-day gifts, by the way. Then we ate at Sonic at Lizzie's request. Now we are settling down into a nice summer school routine. Next week will be VBS. I can't believe summer is 1/3 gone!
The Lord has been on my mind almost constantly lately. I do not like the direction our country, or world, for that matter, is heading. I pray for people to obey Jesus and study their bibles as we try to do our part to set the Christian example and train our family in the Lord. And I pray for the Lord to come take us home in His perfect timing. May He be with us each day and guide us to be more like Him and more pleasing to Him each day.

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