Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Oh, the Expense of it ALL!!!!

Well, right after the A/C guy came there was another knock at the door and FedEx was here with a box for the kids...It had toys for everyone (from dad), since dad couldn't be home. They were very excited. Then the repair guy came in and told me the compressorwas going to need replacing. (Luckily we have the home warranty!) We thought about taking a cash out and upgrading to a more efficient model that will be more environmentally friendly. But it would cost almost 4K! Can't see doing that when I can get the existing one repaired for under $100. So I am destroying the ozone and my unit will be outdated in 10 years...10 years of use for $100 sure beats 10% lower bills for 10 years at the price of $4000, in my mind. Call me crazy, but really I'm just cost conscious!!!
Anyway, we may not be with air conditioning until next week...bummer!

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